"The happiest day of your life could also cost the earth - literally. But it doesn't have to."


"An important part of a green wedding is your attitude,"  - Penney Poyzer

"By far the best part of the day was arriving and leaving the church in a rickshaw, with one of our friends pedalling for us. It felt really nice to be doing something a bit unusual. People seemed to like the fact that thought,rather than money, had gone into our wedding."  - Antonia Frezza

"Instead, use potted plants or flowers such as locally grown orchids that your guests can take away afterwards and put into their gardens or homes." - Penney Poyzer

"All our flowers are hand-picked and organic, and our drying process is done on racks without using any artificial heat,"  - Charles Hudson

1. It could be green

2. It could be role players