About Us

Girls are born to like dreaming, and girls have rights to dream. They have dreamed of their secret gardens, prince charming, unique wedding dress, and even what it would be like on their wedding day. No matter what she looks like, where she is from, whether she has a decent job…. We always believe that bride is the most beautiful girl on her big day. We will do our best to make their dreams come true.  


You must have been aware of the difficulty in planning the wedding. You either have decided to put your job aside for a few months, or have thought about hiring a consultant with paying extra labour fees. However, everything could be different as soon as you have found us. We will try our best to provide customized services for you. If you prefer  planning your dream wedding, you will find any relevant information on wedding planning through our website. For us, we will keep outsourcing up-to-date news and tips from all over the world. If your free time is limited, you can contact us for a portion of help, such as flower orders, discounted invitation card prints and special wedding accessories, etc. If you believe us, you can make an appointment with our wedding planner for professional service package. As a new comer in the industry, we still have a lot to learn from other professionals, books, and of course, the beautiful brides. However, we believe the attitude means everything. Planning a wedding is hard, as it means so much for the couples and their families; while it could be easy, if we work together with our hearts. 


About Me

I have been organising a variety of private parties in both UK and China. I also have broad social networks which has been one of the reasons for founding Your Wedding Planning. I am currently working at Hilton Birmingham Metropole which would be an ideal venue for wedding reception. 




"We would like to go that extra mile for you to get closer to your dream wedding!"                                                                       

                                                                                                                             -- Lulu Zhang

                                                                                                                   Founder & Wedding Planner