Your engagement ring

20/04/2010 00:43

I heard from a friend, who has just got married, that diamond is really woman's best friend if you choose the right one. Well, you may partly agree with her or totally not at all. However, diamonds really do mean a lot in terms of everlasting wishes, sparkles.... and of course, wealth. Please do consider your budget before looking for your bubbles friend. Here is a few tips about diamond's cutting.

Round: Also known as 'brilliant' cut, this is the classic solitaire (single-stone) engagement ring.

Oval:    An adaptation of the classic round cut, its secret is that it looks bigger than a round diamond of the same carat weight.

Princess: Don't be misled by its name: this cut can be less expensive because it follows the diamond's natural shape. Ideally flanked by other stones.

Heart:  For all the romantics out there. Heart-cut diamonds are quite rare due to the complexity of the cut.

Marquise: Shaped like the mouth of Louis XV's famous mistress Marquise de Pompadour, this one makes a statement.

Pear:   A cross between an oval and marquise, this is a feminie hybrid of a cut. The point is worn towards the finger nail.

Emerald: A vintage look, but be warned, it shows up imperfections of colored stones.


P.S. Pls go for more details in Bride, May/June 2010.

Girls, diamonds look amazing, but only with the right person. Choose your ring like what you are doing for your wedding plan -- follow your heart and you'll always find a good way.