Page boys

28/04/2010 17:44

Just came back a friend's wedding reception. As it was held in China, the page boys were attending the wedding reception. My friend asked her nephews for a help and fortunatelly it was a wise action. When it comes to page boys, please bear in mind that be careful of your little nephews who are scared of what he is asked to do.


Here is a few tips from experts on how to pick up your page boys:

-It's your wedding, so you can have who ever you want.

-If you are going to have young children in the bridal party tell them and their parents as soon as possible, so they have time to plan and get used to the idea.

-Take the pageboys out to find an outfit.

-Allow the pageboys to voice an opinion on what they should wear. For example you can choose the pageboy outfit and they could choose from a range of shoes and accessories, which you have selected.

-Find outfits that the pageboys look angelic in and compliment your wedding dress as well as the grooms wedding outfit.

-If the groom is wearing a morning suit the pageboy will often wear the same outfit.


We can't guarantee or guess what the kids do, however, just be relaxed and smile to everything unexpected on your big day. The good and the bad both make your life perfect!